Volunteering categories: tell us where you see yourself!

Dear all,

firstly, thank you for your interest and strong will to become STORYing volunteers! Every day we are receiving your applications, as well as many questions about volunteering details. The most frequent questions is: ‘How can I participate?’ And we are eager to answer that question!

We are strongly convinced that one’s ideal position is the one that covers one’s individual interests, affinities and experiences – we all enjoy the most things that we love, and our will is to make that possible. Hence, we have made a few volunteering categories, and we kindly ask you to caption the one you would like to join in your application. Based on that, we will make a selection and shortly after reply with all of the details and further arrangements. We can hardly wait!

‘Til then, we present you our categories!


Logistics covers important organizing duties like guest lists, monitoring reservations and entrances of guests, as well of coordinaton of volunteering team. Ideal position for neat and precise ones, who love everything being on its place and also enjoy active work on the field and fantastic fun followed by it!

Hospitality (guests)

We want to provide our guests great time and also have fun with them. If you are a active and communicative person who enjoys working with people, we suggest you our hospitality team – it covers welcome program and concerns about food and beverages for our performers and guests. Active practice and a lot of chit-chat!


As you may already know, our performes come from all over Europe – some of them will visit Zagreb for the first time, and we want them all to have an amazing city experience! Here we need a collab with people who mingles and hangs around the town and is familiar with all the cool places: let’s provide our guests original sightseeing, afterwork relaxation and help around finding the right public transport!

Promo material

Promo material category covers giving out flyers, posting posters and similar field duties: if you are finding your way perfectly in the rush hour and you love to work in open-air places, join our promo team! What awaits you is dynamic atmosphere and a lot of communication – and great time follows them!


You like physical work? Great – we’ve got a lot of stage equipment which needs to be places on its places. We guarantee great time and contribution to fantastic shape!


You just love hanging out with people and communicating with them? You are eloquent, active and joyful person who likes to meet new people? You have affinities for journalism or sense for a good story? Steady hand for video recording and all the needed skills for handling the mobile camera? Join our media team and let’s find out firsthand about peoples’ impressions on STORYing!

As you can see, there’s something for everyone! If you found yourselves in one of our categories, caption them in your e-mail application.

Talk to you soon!