Torgrim Mellum Stene: stories from an inside world

We continue introducing you to this fantastic trio from Northern European art group 3Troubadours, who we can’t wait to host on our 1st international storytelling festival in Zagreb.

After that tireless traveler Markus, we introduce you to an artist whose rich and eventful inside world move his inspiration – and it consists of singing, dancing and sometimes even, you wouldn’t believe, silence! Torgrim travels to that world eagerly! Sometimes he even gets lost in it so you have to call him to come back – at least for a while! In that case, he always comes back with hands full: full of fresh stories, new ideas and enthusiasm which he gladly shares with the rest of the world, all through peculiar and imaginative performances, unforgettable interpretation and charming vibe of his every performance!

He is a real gourmet of cultural history and world mythology and he combines their motives with his author work: and the result is world in his sleeve and a real treat for all true dreamers, world culture and good old life stories lovers.

Torgrim likes to combine creative people and artistic vibes – he collaborates gladly with other storytellers, music and dance groups and everyone who enjoys creating and hunting new, fresh ideas. He started his journey  from Norway – he graduated from prestige University College of Oslo, where he attended renowned The Art of Storytelling program.

We are looking forward to his Zagreb performance because he brings us his whole inside universe in a suitcase! We can’t wait to peek inside of it – and have fun while doing it!