Storytelling evening with Martin Manasse: you are all welcome!

We like to keep you in suspense and keep the surprises for the grand finale, but as we previously promised to reveal you all the sweet secrets of our festival piece by piece, we couldn’t’ wait, but to tell you at least one little detail of our surprise!

That’s why we invite all fans of a quality story to join us on Wednesday, 28th of February at 7 p.m. on an already known address Trnjanska 3 because there we will host one of renowned English storytelling experts: that’s our brilliant, humorous and always original Martin Manasse (Society for Storytelling)!

We also introduce Martin as an upcoming guest of our Zagreb storytelling festival – before the festival itself, we want you to meet him, that’s why we can hardly wait Wednesday, May and, of course, Martins stories!

His rich storytelling career originates from his pursuit of music: he was simply delighted by the power of word and the rhythm of a good story, which he eagerly combined in a unique, peculiar and charming storytelling style. As he says himself: his biggest pleasure is to continuously learn, improve his skills and collect inspiration in everything that surrounds us. Exactly like a true artist and storyteller does!

On Wednesday, we will enjoy his storytelling series ‘There Was A King’-and find out what peculiar kings, princesses and thieves from Martins sleeve have to say. Programme will be held in English, and all of you who want to hear firsthand how a storytelling expert like Martin does it, can contact us via and book their place on couch!