STORYing: story that took over our hearts

On our first international storytelling festival in Croatia we heard a bunch of excellent stories and their representations in fantastic performances by our performers: some of them really touched our hearts, some of them laughed us to tears, but also some of us made us really contemplate about certain things.

But, there was a special story that accomplished all of the above – and impressed us completely!

That is the story about our volunteers: it has been told by them in the most beautiful and coolest way. By their work,  devotion and enthusiasm, they sparkled during preparations for STORYing, as well as during the whole event weekend.

Without help, support and collaboration of our volunteers, this festival would be impossible to run, and they did their best and ended up being real motors in this successful organization, fantastic atmosphere and great time. They came from many different Zagreb neighborhoods (as well as different parts of our country!), brought with them positive vibe and true will to work and learn – they amazed us every day with their creative ideas and imaginative skill to accomplish their duties on the highest level.

Of course, our guest performers have noticed that and were amazed by our volunteering team that has gathered on STORYing, and it has taken care for our guests being hosted properly and feeling at home. From welcoming them at the airport to city walks, casual gatherings and interesting chit-chats: they have introduced our city to them in the most charming, friendly and warm way, and of course, to their characters and professional skills. We don’t doubt in their bright future in every upcoming project they want to participate in – whether it had to do with Fun Lab or not! Because, the crew has shown that they know, can, and most importantly – want! To work, to learn, to improve, and last, but not least, have clever fun in the meantime!

This way we want to sincerely thank our whole volunteering team once again, our team that has once again depicted youth in Croatia as prosperous, engaging, hardworking and creative people – this is the path we want to take, and this is the crew we would like to see again!

Hence, we truly hope many new collaborations in the future in many new projects we are preparing, and of course, by that we mean STORYing 2019, as well!

By then: talk to you soon, see you soon and enjoy in good stories and everything followed by them.