STORYing: day no.1

After a fantastic storytelling weekend, we couldn’t wait to come with a short report and impressions on everything we have done, and of course – on such a good time we had!

Our guests already arrived to Zagreb on Friday, and for a real treat after a long trip, our partner Rougemarin has taken care of it -they welcomed us with a wonderful dinner. We thank once again this fantastic Rougemarin crew, we enjoyed every moment – and bite!

Lovely gathering has continued the day after, before and after the official opening of the 1st storytelling festival in Croatia – sunny Zagreb morning provided us a wonderful time outdoors.

Fun Lab’s garden is already used to great time, gatherings and joyful guests, hence it gathered many Zagreb kids and their families that had a picnic and enjoyed the morning session for children – which consisted of children’s fun the storytelling way!

Julie, Rose, Martin, Torgrim, Marcus i Tom gifted us with absolutely funny performances of beautiful stories for children from all over Europe: we met many sweet and funny animal characters, magical trees, mysterious giants and many other heroes that have ruled our garden with a lot of laughter, dance and music! They witnessed many new friendships, put a smile on every face: just like real children superheroes who take over adults’ hearts with their happiness!

Zagreb took over out guests’ hearts – and of course, fantastic audience which knows what’s a good story! They couldn’t resist our window slide or wonderful spring day, which affected our Torgrim pretty much – it costed him heat stroke, because our spring is a bit different from Scandinavian. Tor felt it on his own skin, and of course, made even better fun of it, as well as one more memory of Zagreb!

Our guests got creative and cool gifts: we thank our partners BiteArt and Tourist Board of Zagreb, which took care of our guests being not just hearts full, but also hands with lovely Licitar hearts, home made gingerbread cookies and Croatian artists’ artwork: their face expressions were priceless because these presents turned out to be perfect!

Gathering and good time continued in Zelena avenija (Green Avenue), which we thank for wonderful partnership and fantastic food which gave us energy for the next adventure: visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art which always knows how to leave a good impression, whether on an old or a new guest. We thank Museum’s crew for this artistic walk and great tour!

When the Sun went down, we moved to Melin: famous café in an always outgoing Tkalčićeva street hosted all visitors eager for some good stories, with which even Champions League became background noise. We had an awesome time!