RougeMarin: local cuisine for STORYing Europe

Many of our performers will, by performing on STORYing, visit Zagreb and Croatia for the first time – and our wish is to present them in the best creative, cultural and gourmet style!

And is there a better welcome than local, traditional dishes on a scrumptuous dinner in a charming garden in the city centre? We say – there isn’t!

As passionate lovers of traditional delicacies, excellent interior and top quality service in a professional, casual and friendly way, we are proud to have RougeMarin as STORYing’s ‘partner in crime’, cosily situated in Folnegovićeva Street.

RougeMarin is known for its cool atmosphere, creative interior in industrial style, open terrace that lures in relaxation and enjoyment, and of course, for local delicacies prepared with pleasure. Prosciutto from a small town called Drniš, scones from island Vis, plate with all kinds of cheeses from along the coast, and all of that after a long trip from Britain, Finland, Belgium, Norway and other European bases from where are our perfomers coming.

On Friday we treat them with dinner in RougeMarin – and the story about Croatia can begin!

We can’t wait to tell it to our guests, and what we can’t say firsthand, our plates will tell the story!

We are eagerly counting down ’til Friday and we thank RougeMarin once again for this lovely, successful an creative collab – the local way, for a story without boundaries!