Rose Croft

We proudly and happily continue with introducing you to our performers, who we eagerly await on our first international storytelling festival in Zagreb!

Today we only virtually (‘til May) introduce you to Rose Croft: fantastic artist who lives and creates through story, nature and positive vibe.

She went through education on contemporary storytelling splendors: Peterborough, Angela Ruskin University, Herdfordshire University and many others. She’s among artistic circles and festivals known for peculiar and creative performances, fantastic interpretations and catchy positive energy she spreads through her stories, scenography and her character. She finds inspiration for stories in nature, art and everyday life adventures and anecdotes and she is a true lover of local mythology, folk and fairy tales.

As a little girl, she enjoyed Andersen and antic legends, nature exploring, hand made design and her own creations: later on she combined it all in powerful, serious and always entertaining storytelling. Fairies, witches, unicorns and other cool magical creatures take over her stories for children, which teach us how to enjoy life, nature and imaginative challenges – the humorous and wise way! Yes, you heard it – not just children, but us grown-ups, as well!

Rose is a creative soul who lives her dreams – as a true open-space and green surfaces lovers, she conducts imaginative and adventurous schools in nature. There she teaches children all about survival in nature, her exploring and love towards animals, plants and other forest and meadow inhabitants. She is also face & body art expert, volunteer in Peterborough’s healthy and natural kitchen, hand made designer and participant, initiator or partner in numerous art and storytelling festivals, as well as local and city ecological, creative and educational initiatives: Barefoot Festival, Peterborough Environmental City Trust, Metal Peterborough Potentional Plus UK, Once Upon a Time Festival, Pyramid Pioneers and many others.

Simply: artist who spreads positivity where ever she goes! We are very happy to have chance to meet her in Zagreb – we can hardly wait to see her again performing and introduce her live to our local audience!