Julie Neale: life experience the storytelling way

Dear all,

we slowly and proudly introduce you to our guests and performers of first international storytelling festival in Croatia: we always like to remind you that it will take place in Zagreb, on 26th and 27th of May this year!

We open the category of creative CVs with one special, always authentic and original storyteller: amazing Julie Neale, a woman with a story upon her sleeve. Her audience is diverse and vivid, just like her repertoire: from kids full of imagination, always ready for a good story, to grown up experts with eternal wish for improvement and development of their knowledge and skills.

Storyteller, professor, counselor, therapist, volunteer: Julie is all of that! She started as a school professor and then she graduated from prestige ‘Heart and Craft of the Storyteller’ (International School of Storytelling). Her work today is dedicated to all generations: she’s a lecturer and a mentor to adults on renomé storytelling courses like ‘Storytelling in Education’ (2005) or ‘Storyteller at Play’ (2007), which skillfully and creatively connect storytelling, contemporary education and clever fun. She leads education of teachers and professors on British university London Steiner/Waldorf teacher Training Seminar, while she keeps a real imagination and play treat for children: humorous, educative and creative stories from opus ‘In a Land Far Far Away’ and ‘The Right story at The Right Time’.

And that’s not all: as a graduate therapist in contemporary storytelling therapeutic method, Julie is a counselor in hospitals and other institutions which help children and adults with emotional problem, traumas or other forms of health or life problems. Through her stories, always humorous company and good mood and empathy, Julie helps them verbalize their feelings and free their emotions: the fun, relaxed and creative way she gives them professional and effective help and support. She is a constant and dedicated volunteer  in an orphanage in Birmingham, whose wards she enjoys to gather in laughter, play and clever fun!

We are extremely happy and proud that Julie, as our dear colleague and friend, responded readily to our invitation and that our city will hear firsthand all of the fantastic stories she has prepared for us. We can hardly wait for her to come to Zagreb – we are looking forward to gatherings with an excellent artist, and what is most important – great positive and wonderful person!