Piece by piece we continue to reveal the main stars of the second international storytelling festival; world famous performers who are guaranteed to win some of the local hearts. It’s not like we haven’t given you enough reasons to grab your seat at this year’s STORYing already, but we keep on showering you with great news, outstanding performances and absolutely fabulous stories!

Yet another good reason for attending the festival this May is Giovanna Conforto. World known storyteller from Italy, studied in England, Italy and Canada and participated in numerous festivals around the world. When she tells stories, she does it in 3 languages; Italian, English and French! She is the creative director of Italian Storytelling Center and teaches at the International School of Storytelling (Emerson) and University in Rome.

Tales from rich Italian culture come alive through her distinctive storytelling and the main heroes are the great names from Italian history. This year her stories will focus on one of the greatest – Leonardo da Vinci! Celebrating 500 years since his passing, we can’t wait to learn about him what we cannot read in books.

For Giovanna, the magic of storytelling is the bridge it creates between the storyteller and the listener. And that is exactly what her tales do; connect the listener to the story, turn them into one and share every detail, every motive and every message.

We are happy and proud that Zagreb will have the honor to meet the artist that whole Europe is talking about. We’re eagerly counting down ’til May!