FEST: headquarter of European storytelling

Dear lovers of a good story,

with extreme pleasure we present you Federation for European storytelling, or shortly: FEST. It’s about professional and creative organization with center in Belgium, which gathersand connects leading storytellers and the ones that are to become ones from all over Europe – and it accomplishes that through numerous educative activities, conferences and constant flow of new knowledge, skills and experiences from storytelling world.

As a headquarter of European storytelling, FEST is an active and open base of different cultures and artistic expressions, styles and affinities, its power is in connecting local and national artists in common work for European creative scene in a professional and friendly way, which contributes every country according to their national culture, heritage and history of collecting stories, their writing and storytelling.

We can say that FEST is a contemporary intersection of cultural tradition and modern art styles, performances and other fields of creative expressing through story, music or dance. Initiated by a few of enthusiasts, today it gathers numerous artist from different European cultural areas: Great Britain, Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy and many others. And in that prestige society, our country has recently officially became a part of it! Croatian representative in FEST is Fun Lab, organization consisted of leading Croatian storytellers which acts through active organization of storytelling workshops, creating author stories and storytelling plays, performances on numerous festivals and cultural manifestations, as well as founding many various programmes connected to storytelling on a local and national basis.

Hence, we are extremely happy and proud that FEST has recognized our work, but also our will and ambition in the area od storytelling – and as the only Croatian representative, approved us as an active and full member. And as a cherry on the top, we have been given the honor to, with full support of FEST, organize STORYing: first international storytelling festival in Croatia, which will Zagreb host in May on numerous city locations and gather leading European storytellers. Preparations are on the way and we are doing it our way: the active, creative and cleverly fun one! We eagerly invite you to join us  on our first national storytelling spring – and to together tell our guests a charming and imaginative Zagreb story