BiteArt: about art, gingerbread cookies and memory of STORYing

Gingerbread cookies as traditional local dessert, young local artists as new strength of Croatian cultural scene – for this creative combination you can thank charming and original BiteArt!

Its founder is a young designer Ana Šerić, who combined cultural heritage and gourmet tradition of our country. Fantastically designed package of local gingerbread cookies followed an old, traditional recipe and artwork of famous Croatian artists, such as Vlaho Bukovac and Ivan Rabuzin, together they make BiteArt. Here are also young artists such as Marko Tadić, Ana Kolega, Hrvoje Majer and a street art artist OKO – all of that comes in a sweet packaging in a form of a picture frame.

Sweet Croatian story for all times and the most wonderful memory of time spent in our country, followed by local culture and gastronomy!

Hence, we are happy and proud of BiteArt being STORYing’s partner and friend, and as a sign of friendship and support to our culture, creativity and art, our European guest performers will receive wonderful presents in a form of these cool souvenirs, as a fantastic memory of Croatia’s first international storytelling festival and great time!

All of Ana’s sweet and edible artwork you can find on BiteArt’s web page. We thank BiteArt once again for this lovely partnership and friendly collaboration – and of course, for this wonderful story  which spiced STORYing up!