Allianz and STORYing: another successful story!

Allianz and Fun lab have already 6 years of successful, lovely and creative collaboration behind: we haven’t been only business partners for already a long time, but also true friendly teams that enjoy every new upcoming common project, gathering and new challenges that we set every now and so.

And guess what? That new thing is this time STORYing festival!

Allianz decided eagerly to take part in the whole organization as a partner, friend and promoter of the festival, and we thank the whole team once again for a successful and warm collaboration in the name of promoting culture, art and clever fun!

We don’t doubt that this collaboration will end up with wonderful memories, new ideas and even stronger bond, friendship and partnership of our two teams – which enjoy one more joint story.

Always creative and with a smile on their face, Allianz team can hardly wait for our storytelling weekend – and we are counting down ’til the festival!