Storytelling evenings in Melin

As we promised, we are slowly revealing all cute and important details of our first international storytelling festival organization, because of which we are already counting down ‘til May!

You already know that our programme and performances of leading European storyellers will daily take place on attractive locations of our metropolis, and as one of them, we proudly introduce you to cult center club Melin!

Many of you already know that Melin is a legendary caffé located on always lively and fun Tkalča street – to Zagreb people and its guests known for casual atmosphere, positive vibe and readiness for great time and unforgettable gatherings, for already a long time. And not just that: Melin is also known for always being ready for innovative concepts, creative programmes and original ideas! That’s why it has eagerly accepted our suggestion for collaboration and given us its venue for our storytelling festival as a fantastic presentation of quality content and clever fun for all generations of our hometown.

Hence all of the above and, of course, our sweet memories of lovely moments in popular Melin, we are proud that Melin is our partner and friend in organization of this festival. We thank it once again to its leadership and the whole staff for the whole collaboration and communication!

Melin will opet its door during evening part of the programme, which will take place on a charming terrace near a park and green surface – there’s no better scenery for a talkative spring evening than this! In case of a vigorous rain, a lovely glass roof is already ready for rainy challenges!

We eagerly invite all fans of a quality story and fun gatherings to join us in Melin, so we can together show all of our guests all the stories that Tkalča serves – friendly, casual and dynamic ones, like Zagreb itself! See you in Melin and hear you in storytelling spring in town!