3Troubadours: storytelling spirit of Northern Europe

Theater, music, literature, folk tales, local legends…when you put all of this together, you get a fantastic storytelling trio from a far and always vivid north of Europe.

They are the 3Troubadours and Zagreb will meet and greet them at the first international storytelling in Zagreb in May. These three creative guys will treat us with fantastic stories, entertaining performances and vivid scenography which they combine in their astounding show ‘Mobile Dreams’: a unique combination of story, music and scene movement.

Peculiar storytelling spirit which gathers Norwegian, Finnish and Belgian folk tales, fairy tales and legends traditionally transfers them the contemporary way: with a lot of laughter, play and action. Main heroes of their stories are dreamers and adventurers in eternal quest for play, imagination, freedom and beauty.

We know that paths like that always hide wise secrets and humorous anecdotes, and who’s a better guide through this journey than this entertaining trio which knows all of this firsthand. Their inspiration are famous storytellers from all around: from legendary R.L. Stevenson, whose ‘Treasure Island’ has taken over numerous of childhoods, to mysterious Zachris Topelius, famous Finnish, Swedish speaking storyteller. When you put all of this together, we saw it firsthand what happens: a performance to remember and pleasure for all generations!

We are happy and proud that Zagreb will have the honor to meet artists and show that whole Europe talks about: from numerous festivals and cultural events, to prestige seminars about storytelling culture and education. We’re eagerly counting down ’til May!