1st International Storytelling Festival: what to expect?

As many of you already know, Fun Lab is a proud organizer of 1st International Storytelling Festival in Croatia, which will our (and your!) Zagreb host on 26th and 27th of May this year.

What awaits us are many excellent stories in fantastic performances of numerous leading storytelling experts from all over Europe – we can’t wait to see and hear their performances live!

Plane tickets for performers are bought, accommodation booked! Many collaborations have great results and some of them are still ‘under construction’, but we don’t doubt in positive outcomes because what connects us all is clever fun!

With extreme happiness we are preparing Zagreb for morning and evening programme on attractive city locations. Where they are, we will reveal them piece by piece, as well as many other details connected to our upcoming festival.

Both children and adults will enjoy: the little ones in educative stories and magical tales from all over the world, and adults in astounding performances and fantastic atmosphere.

In first international storytelling festival in our city you can enjoy as audience, but also as a partner, sponsor and friend! How? There are plenty of ways! All of you who might be interested, we invite you to contact us without any commitments, we would love to talk about all of the options, possibilities and ideas afterwards.

We readily answer all of your questions via: info@laboratorijzabave.com

And of course, we can hardly wait for storytelling spring in Zagreb!