Storytelling mornings in Fun Lab

We continue with revealing all of the locations and venues where our first international storytelling festival will be held in Zagreb in May: after the famous caffé Melin, which will open its doors to ‘grown-up’ audience and fans of spontaneous gatherings, we present you the children’s STORYing base.

To many of you, that base is already known, but to ones that isn’t, we eagerly invite you to meet it! That’s Fun Lab in the city centre itself, on the address Trnjanska 3. Morning program for children will be held in our charming and creatively decorated space: what awaits us are humorous and fun interpretations of famous and less known fairy tales, myths and legends of the European area.

And all of this in truly adventurous ambient is assigned our beautiful spring garden – its soft grass, colourful blankets, floor pillows, budded twigs and birdy roommates, alongside with our team and performers. Spring fun the storytelling way! Make yourself comfortable in our garden and listen to mystic northern coasts, unusual French villages, ancient English castles and many other fantastic places created for a crazy adventure, and even better children story! Fearless heroes, mystic creatures and fantastic plots are waiting for you – children enjoy them through music, dance and creative challenges, and not one of them will leave without a big smile on their face and new friends! We want to afford you all of this with our program!

See you in our garden – we can’t wait to host you!