Markus Luukkonen: world traveler and story hunter

We continue with introducing our upcoming performers on our 1st international storytelling festival in Zagreb!

Since we already announced the astounding North European trio 3Troubadours, it’s time to reveal artistic and creative faces behind the whole cast and their fantastic show Mobile Dreams.

We start with Markus Lukkonen: tireless world traveler and eternal good story hunter and and skillful local myths, legends and folk tales catcher. When he shows us everything he’s found during his journeys, especially in his spontaneous, humorous and cool way, we feel like we’ve been there with him – and traveled right by his side!

Markus is born in Finland, but his home is the whole world. He finds inspiration in his journeys, and all the new, fresh ideas he implements in his stories, performance and further actions. How does it look like in practice? Very creative: all the found and collected legends, fairy tales and legends he likes to combine with his life experiences, journey anecdotes and, of course, his author work. The result is a performance to remember – and lifetime stories.

He started his journey from Helsinki and he is one of the founders of Finnish society of storytellers (Samova Storytelling). For his performances is always at least one seat extra needed: performances on festivals, clubs and theaters in whole Europe. Hence, we are extremely happy and proud to see him in Zagreb – we are counting down ‘til his performance!