While we proudly present and eagerly await the 2nd STORYing – International Storytelling Festival, at the same time we are extremely busy organising and preparing all the details for another unforgettable storytelling experience!

The month of May is just around the corner and today we start intorducing the main performers who will treat us with their storytelling skills, share their storytelling knowledge and lead us to a magical world of untold stories.

Peter Chand, British Indian storyteller, is one of Europe’s most renowed storytellers and is in constant demand for his colourful tales. He is the art director of the oldest storytelling festival in England, Festival at the Edge. It is our great pleasure to welcome him in Zagreb where he will present some of his best work.

Peter regularly visits his family in India and collects traditional stories, and translates them into English. These stories keep the connection with his culture very much alive as he shares them in schools, festivals and other cultural events. His strong love for tradition and commitment to keep it alive is what distinguishes him from his fellow storytellers.

Often described as an inspirational storyteller who has a wonderful skill in seducing the audience with charm and energy, he never fails to give an outstanding performance!

For the Zagreb audience he has prepared a special treat. Together with music producer and DJ PKCtheFirst, Peter Chand is bringing us a sensational performance of live storytelling with musical fusion of urban hip hop and traditional Indian music.

We can hardly wait to see them perform and introduce them live to our local audience!